• Community

    Through partnerships, education and support, we bring hope and help to individuals, families and communities affected by mental illness, addictions, and disabilities in Southeastern PA.

  • College Plus

    College Plus

    We’ll help you go to and stay in college:
    any subject and any age!


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  • Community


    Do you feel you are all alone?
    We believe people heal through relationships.

    Call about Compeer; Family, Youth and Veteran Outreach; or H.A.N.D.

We Hear Your Voice

Feel like people aren’t listening? We hear you!  We can help you identify your needs, solutions, and speak out when you aren’t being heard.

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Find the Help you need

Call us if you need a helping hand, an encouraging word and the connection to necessary resources to thrive in spite of difficulties.

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Develop Your Vision

Can’t see where your future is going or don’t like what you see?  Create a vision with help from our teams that is personal and life-changing.

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Labels are for products not for people.   

We are living proof that labels like mental illness, disabilities and addictions do not define us or stop us from living out our dreams!