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Bruce Mitchell: A Tribute to a Beloved Co-worker and Friend


Bruce Mitchell - a man of honor, service and grace!  Voice and Vision employees and Board were so sad to hear of Bruce's passing on Saturday, June 20th, 2015.   Bruce began working at Voice and Vision in 2011.  He was kind, generous, sweet, smart, intuitive and encouraging.  He worked on CFST and IM4Q as a supporter and interviewer.  He helped with College Plus.  Two years ago he started Voice and Vision’s Veteran’s Program working with a veteran, and both the veteran and Bruce enjoyed their bi-monthly trips to various places in the community.  Bruce, a veteran himself, loved that program and was proud of his work, and we are all proud too!  He was a member of the weekly Voice and Vision volunteer prayer team, often leading it, and in three years only missed three times.  He was a man of great faith and loved to testify about the goodness of God.  In the summer he brought in wonderful vegetables from his garden to share with all.  Bruce has a great story of hope and perseverance.  One of his recent accomplishments was earning an Associates’ Degree in Business, adding to his Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations. 

Bruce once said, "I was always taught to try to make an individual, a situation or a place, better than when you found it." Bruce certainly did that for Voice and Vision.  We are all affected by this great loss.  We love and honor Bruce for who he is and all he has done in his life.  He leaves a legacy at Voice and Vision - one that will continue for decades.  His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.  

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