Youth Connections

Connecting with youth and young adults ages 16-25 by offering opportunities to:  

  • Speak out for change - Youth Advisory
  • Develop gifts, talents and dreams - Creative Expression
  • Find hope, health and healing - Destiny Connection

Youth Advisory

This Advisory is made up of young women and men who have had a wide variety of experiences with systems and issues (mental health, substance abuse, foster care, juvenile justice, intellectual disabilities, abuse and trauma, etc.).  The Youth Advisory reviews data collected through surveys, focus groups and interviews to recommend changes in services and systems that serve children, youth and families.  The Youth Advisory also helps Voice and Vision develop and implement initiatives and activities that are appealing to youth and young adults. 

Creative Expression

Voice and Vision believes everyone has creativity inside of them - yes everyone! Yours might be in music, art, cooking, decorating, crafts, writing, designing clothes, witty inventions, cure for cancer and other diseases, public speaking, sports, helping others and more (it's impossible to list all the ways people can be creative - these are just a few examples).   We want to support your creativity and encourage your brillance - yes brillance!  Please call for more information and opportunities to share your gifts and talents with others. 

Emily's Experience:

Emily was very involved in Youth Connections and the writing and art groups. She said: "Youth Connections really helped me build relationships and network, which to this day continues to help me. It was nice because it was a small group that enabled you to feel comfortable and really get to know people and be creative when working on some of the projects. The groups fulfilled the need for a small group for those with anxiety and other challenges; there was a real feeling of camaraderie and comfort. People came back week after week - it made us comfortable, and we laughed and had a good time. Certainly something I would recommend to others."

Emilys paintingClick the photo to view Emily's artwork

Destiny Connection

Young adults have opportunities to develop healthy relationships, heal from past challenges, create a vision of their future and accomplish goals with the help of peers and adult mentors.

Ways for Youth and Young Adults to Get Involved:

  • Take our career/dreams assessment to help plan for your future
  • Develop and tell your story through a skit, DVD, in a workshop, on our blog, etc.
  • Share your gift or talent with others
  • Become a member of the Youth Advisory
  • Volunteer – make a difference at Voice & Vision and locally