Our name represents our services: VOICE – Advocacy Services help people to speak out regarding their own needs and provide feedback on the services they receive.  VISION – Peer Support/Mentoring Services connect people to a vision of their future with the help of peers, while developing the strategies and relationships to help individuals and families achieve their goals and fulfill their vision.

College Plus

The purpose of College Plus is to help individuals with a mental illness or co-occurring disorders to identify and achieve their career/education dreams and goals with the support of peers. One course is paid for the first semester and support is offered throughout the entire college experience if desired.

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Compeer matches caring adults through a volunteer one-to-one supportive friendship with people of the same gender who are recovering from mental illness. Compeer provides training, help with selecting a friendship connection, and offers ongoing support to each match every step of the way.

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Veteran Program

Peer-to-Peer Companionship and CompeerCORPS connect a Veteran with another Veteran in recovery by developing friendships, connecting to the community and offering supportive help where needed.

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Advocacy Program

The Consumer Family Satisfaction Teams, Member Family Satisfaction Team, and Independent Monitoring For Quality measure resiliency, recovery, satisfaction and/or quality of life through questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.  The results of the surveys are analyzed and reported. Recommendations for change are taken to agencies, funders and governmental agencies who are able to authorize the change.

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